It is time for fun,
And it’s gonna be a party,
Tonight we’ll make our neighbours run
And also stupid Marty!
Only most crazy people
Have come tonight to our home,
We have done all preparation
To make the perfect show!

Step 1: Alcohol,
Step 2: dead-drunken doll,
Next step – to make the music louder
To hear a police-call!
But wait, who’s this man
Telling us strange things?!
About something could happen
if we will not stop our sing…

Oh, that what he says:
“Hey, guys, there is evil!
I know that it’s true –
The Dark Things are waiting,
Dreaming on your roof.
And when you have made
Your music played loud,
An Evil wakes up when
It’s hearing your sounds…”
“…And Dark Things are coming…
And creeping… and crawling…
And lights are turning off…
Now, we must run out
Because we are both afraid of…
…the Dark Things!”

Now, people are running in a panic,
Pressing each other by each other,
But there is no way to run,
These are things, which he calls fun!
I told you something would have to happen
If you wouldn’t stop your sing…
But, as always, people never listen
Anyone expect their own “King”.

So, remember these words…
Hey, guys, there is evil!
I know that it’s true –
The Dark Things are waiting,
Dreaming on the roof.
And when someone makes
His music plays loud,
An Evil wakes up and
People run out
When hear these sounds…
Then a figure appeared
In dark corner of room,
Someone has come here
To define your doom…

Oh, yes, it’s him!
Please, welcome!!!
Mr. Creepy…

(Mr. Creepy:)
Alright, now,
You have no place to go,
Noone can run from me, oh, no!
It is a time… for your rotten soul,
Let’s make an end –
A final step of today’s Show!”

Article by Paul Bronnikov
Music by Paul Bronnikov and the Daily Comics


© 2017 Qiasum music